Feren OS 18.11 KDE Development Builds

Feren OS 18.11 KDE Development Builds

Today we are looking at the latest of Feren OS KDE Development builds and let's face it, it is a development build currently.  However, it gives us a glimpse of an exciting new release of Feren.  I am sure the developers of Feren will be happy if you can help them test it out but expect bugs but also a lot of improvements to come!
Some of the bugs I ran into are the following:

  • My installation failed until I turned off my internet connection during the installation and then everything was fine.
  • The alternative panel option has some bugs.
  • LibreOffice is missing some icons.
  • The System Settings crashed once or twice.
But these bugs can be expected and I am sure they will be fixed soon, but in general, I am really impressed!

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Release Notes:

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