Feren OS 18.11 KDE Development Builds

Today we are looking at the latest of Feren OS KDE Development builds and let's face it, it is a development build currently.  However, it gives us a glimpse of an exciting new release of Feren.  I am sure the developers of Feren will be happy if you can help them test it out but expect bugs but also a lot of improvements to come!
Some of the bugs I ran into are the following:

  • My installation failed until I turned off my internet connection during the installation and then everything was fine.
  • The alternative panel option has some bugs.
  • LibreOffice is missing some icons.
  • The System Settings crashed once or twice.
But these bugs can be expected and I am sure they will be fixed soon, but in general, I am really impressed!

Download Link:

Release Notes:

Official Site:

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