Elive 3.0.3

Elive 3.0.3 is out and this release of Linux takes us back to how computers were about 10-20 years ago.  It comes with lots of DOS games, based on Ubuntu 12.04, LibreOffice 4 an old icon style and menus and with all of this in mind a person might think why does it still exists or why don't they update it.  However, I think it is exactly what they want, they want to take you back to the good old times when 200 MB of ram was still fine when your computer is idling.  A person can play Mario, Prince of Persia or Donkey Kong in a system where it fits in just perfectly.  This is not meant for your main system but for an old or lightweight secondary system this is perfect, or if you are an old school this is perfect for your main system!  Enjoy!

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