How to install MEGAsync on Ubuntu 18.04

Since we heard that Dropbox is dropping support for many Linux systems I started to look for an alternative as I was an active Dropbox user.  I moved to MEGA, I made myself a few accounts a few years ago.  So I have 50GB free space, nowadays it starts with 15GB but with jumping through some loops a person can still get 50GB.  But, let's face it 15GB is much more than the 2GB which Dropbox gives.

MEGAsync is for me more powerful in some aspects than Dropbox but in other not, yet.

Firstly, it has an end to end encryption and New Zealand based by a company that focus on security.  You have the option for a full Sync or Selective Sync.  Full Sync is the same as Dropbox, but shared folders a person need to mount manually to your system, which is actually very useful.

Selective Sync is where Mega has some crazy power.  Let's say your home folder does not have too much data or you want to have automatic backups only of a few folders like your documents.  Selective Sync enables you to choose any folder on your system and make backups of it to their cloud whenever a person modifies a file or folder.  About 2 weeks ago I set it up exactly like that to back up a lady's whole-home folder as she only has like 8GB of data so it is really useful.  Of course, a person can buy more space but 15/50 GB isn't bad!

Ps.  a Person can also install it with the Ubuntu Software Center.

Command Used:
sudo dpkg -i packagename

Download Link:

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