How to install Nightly GNOME Apps on Ubuntu 18.10

Today we look at how to install Nightly Gnome Apps via Flatpak on Ubuntu 18.10  I also made a video on how they look like and you will find a link below.  The first commands until the first reboot are to install Flatpak on Ubuntu, so it is Ubuntu Specific (but to install it on other Linux distros please look at the flatpak link below), all the other commands are to install Nightly GNOME apps and the same for all Linux Distros.  Enjoy!  Please, take note that is experimental and should be used like that. 

A quick look at Nightly GNOME Apps":

Commands Used:
Install Flatpak

sudo apt install flatpak

sudo apt install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Restart system

Add Gnome Nightly Repo

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists gnome-nightly

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists gnome-apps-nightly --from

Install apps

list apps in repo:
flatpak remote-ls gnome-apps-nightly

install individual apps:
flatpak install gnome-apps-nightly org.gnome.NautilusGtk4 

install all apps:
flatpak install gnome-apps-nightly org.gnome.Contacts org.gnome.GamesDevel org.gnome.Maps org.gnome.Recipes org.gnome.bijiben org.gnome.Devhelp org.gnome.Geary org.gnome.MusicDevel org.gnome.Rhythmbox3 org.gnome.Books org.gnome.dfeet org.gnome.gedit org.gnome.NautilusDevel org.gnome.Software.XdgApp org.gnome.BoxesDevel org.gnome.Dictionary org.gnome.gitg org.gnome.NautilusGtk4 org.gnome.sudoku org.gnome.Builder org.gnome.Documents org.gnome.Gitg org.gnome.NautilusMaster org.gnome.Todo org.gnome.Calculator org.gnome.eog org.gnome.Glade org.gnome.News org.gnome.Totem org.gnome.Calendar org.gnome.Epiphany org.gnome.Gtranslator org.gnome.Nibbles org.gnome.tweaks org.gnome.CharactersDevel org.gnome.evince org.gnome.GtranslatorDevel org.gnome.Notes org.gnome.TweakTool org.gnome.chess org.gnome.Evince org.gnome.Hitori org.gnome.Photos org.gnome.Weather org.gnome.clocks org.gnome.frogr org.gnome.iagno org.gnome.Polari  

reboot system

Nightly GNOME Apps:

Flatpak Install Guide:

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