How to Install Stock Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 18.04

Today we are looking at how to install Vanilla Gnome Shell as an additional session on Ubuntu 18.04 and if you only want to install Vanilla on Ubuntu 18.04, I will tell you how to do it as well!

Installation Method:
1) Add Stock Gnome as an additional session:
As shown in the video, just copy-paste this command and reboot your system.

sudo apt install gnome-session

2) Have Unity as your only desktop environment on your system:
This method is more difficult as expected but it is not possible.  I made a blog post and video with this method on how to install Ubuntu 18.04 32 Bit and I attached a link below which you can follow.  

Basically, a person downloads a mini iso of Ubuntu 18.04, 64 or 32 Bit (it is about 60mb's big and the rest will be downloaded when installing it).  A person then makes a bootable USB or CD of the iso and boot your system with it and follow the installation wizard and when a person needs to choose a Desktop Environment, choose Unity. 

How to blog and video:

Ubuntu 18.04 Mine ISO Download:
64 Bit
32 Bit

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