How to Install TeamSpeak and Clownfish Plugin on Ubuntu 18.10

Today we are looking at how to install TeamSpeak as well as it's clownfish plugins on Ubuntu 18.10.  A person should be able to install any other TeamSpeak plugin the same way on any supported Linux distro.  Enjoy!

Commands Used and Links:
Install TeamSpeak
1) Download TeamSpeak:

2) Installation:
sudo ./TeamSpeak3-Client-linux* 

3) Move installation to a place where all users on the system can access it:
sudo mv TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64 /opt/

4) Test installation:

5) Add an icon to the menu:
icon location

6) sudo apt-get install alacarte - and add an app (a reboot might be required)

Add Clownfish Plugin
7) Download Clownfish:

8) Move clownfish data to TeamSpeak Folder
sudo nautilus

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