How to install Unity 7 on Ubuntu 18.04

Today we are looking at how to install Unity 7 as an additional session on Ubuntu 18.04 and if you only want to install Unity 7 on Ubuntu 18.04, I will tell you how to do it as well!

Installation Method:
1) Add Unity as an additional session:
In the video below I show how to do this but this method has become irrelevant as Ubuntu made it easier!  All a person needs to do now is to open up a terminal and copy/paste and press enter.  If you have any doubt, please write to me or look at the video below for hints.  

sudo apt install unity-session

2) Have Unity as your only desktop environment on your system:
This method is more difficult as expected but it is not possible.  I made a blog post and video with this method on how to install Ubuntu 18.04 32 Bit and I attached a link below which you can follow.  

Basically, a person downloads a mini iso of Ubuntu 18.04, 64 or 32 Bit (it is about 60mb's big and the rest will be downloaded when installing it).  A person then makes a bootable USB or CD of the iso and boot your system with it and follow the installation wizard and when a person needs to choose a Desktop Environment, choose Unity. 

How to blog and video:

Ubuntu 18.04 Mine ISO Download:
64 Bit

32 Bit

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