How to Share Folders with Samba with Ubuntu 18.04

Today we are looking at how to create a samba shared folder which can be accessed from any other platform, in the video, I show how to connect to it with Linux Mint 19.1 but it should work from any Linux Distro and even though I do not use Windows at all, I do realize that some people might use it, so I spun up a virtual machine of Windows 10 which I already removed also to show how to connect to the file share.

It is quite a long process to set it up and there might be shorter ways but I know this method works,  I used it at my previous work and they are still using it.  Enjoy!

Commands Used:
install samba
sudo apt-get install samba

create folders which you want to exist (if not exisiting yet)

modify samba config file / template is found in blog - keep a copy of original also
sudo nautilus (file location /etc/samba/smb.conf)

set samba password (must be different from your user password)
sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME

reboot samba
sudo service smbd restart

set permission for shared folders
for example: sudo chmod -R 777 pathtofile

reboot your system and other systems to connect to file share

Download Samba Config File:

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