How to connect a USB Device to VirtualBox 5.1

Today we ate looking at how to connect a USB device to VirtualBox 5.1 in Ubuntu.  When I made this blog post, 4 February 2019, I realized I left out something very important when making this video and I do plan to make a follow-up video soon and that is how to add your user account to the group vboxusers if it isn't at the place where you can add users.

So, you will find the command below which will enable you to add it to your user account in the terminal, basically, a person copy/paste this command into a terminal and press enter (type your password when required), after changing the word username with your actual username.  After that (as shown in the video), a person reboots your computer and you should be able to connect USB devices to your virtual machines in VirtualBox.  

Please write to me if anything is unclear.

Command Used:
sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers username

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