How to install and remove Programs in Ubuntu 16.04 via the terminal

Today we are looking at how to install and remove programs via the terminal in Ubuntu 16.04.  This will work in Ubuntu 18.04 as well.  Please follow the video for a visual guide and the commands and instructions below.  Enjoy!

In the video, I used Skype as an example, unfortunately, Skype won't install anymore like this, but you can choose any available package and install it in the same method.  To search for all packages, type sudo apt-get install and then press the tab button and you will see everything you can install, it is a lot of packages!

Commands Used:
Install packages:
sudo apt-get install packagename

press y or simple enter when the confirmation message appears

press enter to move from command to command in the terminal

when typing your password in the terminal it will seem like nothing appears but it is just a security thing, so just continue to type

if a screen appears inside the terminal while installing then move around with the tab key

Remove packages:
sudo apt-get remove packagename

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