How to Make and Modify Shortcut Keys in LibreOffice

Today we are looking at how to add keyboard shortcuts or modify keyboard shortcuts in LibreOffice.  You can also choose if these shortcuts will only work on a specific application of LibreOffice or all the apps of LibreOffice.  Enjoy!

Firstly a person goes to your Menu Bar and then go to Tools/Customize and then open the Tab called Keyboard.

Inside that Tab, you will see in the top right corner the choice to modify keyboard shortcuts in the application you are currently in or in all the apps of LibreOffice.

On your left, you will see all the available shortcuts and the current ones which are currently use and at the bottom of the Tab, you will see all the functions which you can connect a keyboard shortcut too.

To modify or add keyboard shortcuts to the function you want, you find the function at the bottom and on the left choose the shortcut which you want to connect to it, and when both are highlighted, then you click on the modify button and that's it!  When you are finished, press ok and Enjoy LibreOffice.

Please follow the video for a visual guide and write to me if you have any questions.

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