Scan to a Network Brother Scanner in Ubuntu 16.04

Today we are looking at how to scan to Brother Network Printer in Ubuntu 16.04, this will work on all supported versions of Ubuntu.

I made this video, a while ago and I saw some flaws in the video which I will try to correct in the blog.

You will need the following information: 1) the IP address of your scanner, 2) the module number of your printer, I show in the video how to get it and the name of your device (I slipped up in the video, to show where to get it) but you will find a link below which will guide you in finding the name of your device.

After you have all this information, you need to download and install the drivers for your printer, I show in the video how to do it.  You can just use your build in the software center to install the drivers with.

After installing the drivers a person has to connect your printer to your system.  This is where you need the information which we mentioned above.  You will find the commands on the website as well as below in this blog and as seen in the video a person replaces the information in the command with your specific information.

After that, you can enjoy scanning!

Commands Used:
brsaneconfig4 -a name=(name your device) model=(model name) ip=xx.xx.xx.xx

brsaneconfig4 -q | grep (name of your device)

Search for drivers:

Find your printer name:

PS.  A small troubleshooting point, if your printer is working and your scanner not, then please check this out!

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