What's new in KDE Plasma 5.15

Today we are looking at KDE Plasma 5.15 and the new features which stood out for me the most in this release.  I have also attached the release notes and more below.

The 6 features are the following:
1) Breeze Icons received a general revamp.
2) WireGuard VPN has been added to Network Connections
3) The Login Screen Settings received many improvements and a new look.
4) The Notes received a new look called "Transparent with light text"
5) The Discover Sources got a new name (Sources) and they replaced the hamburger menu with "push buttons".
6) The KSysGuard app has the option now to hide the menu bar as well as instructions to show it again.

I used KDE Neon User Edition to show off KDE Plasma 5.15

Release Notes:

Full KDE Plasma 5.15 Change Log:

Download KDE Neon User Edition:

Official Site:

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