How to install Wine Staging on Debian 10

Today we are looking at how to install Wine Staging on Debian 10.  This will work on all Debian based systems and all the different Desktop Environments which Debina comes with.

Firstly a person will install Wine Staging, we open a terminal and log in as root.  Then we just copy/paste the 2-4 commands into the terminal, one after another as seen in the video.  Then we have to open our source file and add the wine builds source to the bottom of the file, below all the other lines of code, please do not delete anything.  Then we will update all our repositories and lastly, we will install Wine-Staging.

Then I show you how to install Windows apps in Debian 10 via, Wine, please take note that not all Windows apps works, some need extra dependencies, so please read up on Google if you experience any problems.

When you install your first Windows applications you will receive a message to install Wine Mono and then two Wine Gecko files, as seen in the video, please do it and then your Windows executable will open as expected.

If you want to open the Wine configuration file, type winecfg in a terminal and press enter.

In the future, you will get all the Wine-Staging updates via your normal system updates.

Update: WineHQ has changed the installation method and we updated the commands below so that it will work.  Let me know if you need assistance

1) su
2) dpkg --add-architecture i386
3) wget -nc
4) apt-key add winehq.key Release.key
5) nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb buster main
deb ./
6) apt update
7) apt install --install-recommends winehq-staging

Instructions are based on this:

Official Site:

Windows App, Fotor, used as an example in the video:

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