BigLinux 19.04

Today we are looking at BigLinux 19.04.  This is a major release for this team, from Brazil, focused on a Portuguese market, as it is their first release since their Ubuntu 12.04 based distro.  It is one ISO but it comes with 3 different desktop environments,  a classic KDE Plasma, LXQt, and a modern KDE desktop.

In these videos, we are looking at the modern one, and wow they have really customized it and I must say I am impressed.  I know some won't like it and others will, but it is always like that.  I can see that they liked working on it and produced something powerful and beautiful.

It is based on Ubuntu 19.04 and Linux Kernel 5.0 and uses about 700MB at bootup.  

When a person starts up the bootable installation package, a person must choose your language, English or Portuguese and also the kernel you prefer I chose the Debian kernel as I did not know the other and I choose to boot up with the modern KDE version.  Enjoy!

Download Link:

Release Notes: (only in Portuguese)

Official Site:

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