Keyboards for Chromebooks in 2023

Today we are looking at great keyboards available for Chromebooks.  It is a great tool for those who simply prefer a good solid keyboard to type on or those of us who want to connect our Chromebook to an external monitor or two.  In those cases, a person needs a keyboard for sure.  Here we found 4 great keyboards on Amazon for you to have a look at, feel free to browse Amazon for you.  We hope you find the perfect one!

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Rii RK100+
The Rii RK100+ is a great, wired gaming, mechanical, backlit keyboards which just plug and play into a Chromebook, a great choice for sure.  Buy it now on Amazon!

The DDKEY is a great, classic looking wired keyboard which works straight out of the box, it is slim, a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad.  Buy it now on Amazon!

Belkin B2B190
This wired keyboard was created for the Acer Chromebook Tablet but it also says that it works just fine on other USB-C compatible devices, so most of the modern Chromebooks should be just fine with it.  It is a smallish keyboard with easy to type keys.  Buy it now on Amazon!

The Azio KB505U
This is a great, wired full-size keyboard with a backlit keyboard.  The keyboard comes with three different backlit lights, red, blue and purple which you can use and change as you like.  Buy it now on Amazon!