Keyboards for Chromebooks in 2023

Today we are looking at great keyboards available for Chromebooks.  It is a great tool for those who simply prefer a good solid keyboard to type on or those of us who want to connect our Chromebook to an external monitor or two.  In those cases, a person needs a keyboard for sure.  Here we found 4 great keyboards on Amazon for you to have a look at, and feel free to browse Amazon for yourselves.  We hope you find the perfect one!

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Targus Bluetooth Keyboard - Buy it now on Amazon
This Keyboard is one of the nicest bluetooth keyboards around, a pleasure to work on!

Rii RT518S - Buy it now on Amazon
This keyboard is the complete package!  It has a buit-in trackpad, backlit keyboard (several coloars), and stocked with other neat funtions.

Logitech Signature K650 - Buy it now on Amazon
This keyboard goes to the top of the market for style, elegance, and prefection for work and pleasure.

Logitech K380 - Buy it now on Amazon
It is simply magical.