What's new in KDE Plasma 5.17

Today we are looking at the newly released KDE Plasma 5.17.  It comes with plenty of new features as well as the celebration of one of their developers life's who sadly passed away because of cancer.

In the videos, we are looking at the four features that stood out for me the most.  It is the new night mode on the Xorg session.  A picture of the day setting.  An easy way to figure out fractions and a refreshed notifications "applet".  Please look at the Release Notes, link below, for a complete list of new features and the official release video.

We used the KDE Neon User edition in this video.

Download Link:

Release Notes:

Official Site:

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For a video with Voice-Overs look here: https://youtu.be/oELeoUmHeZQ

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