How to install OpenOffice on Ubuntu 19.10

Today we are looking at how to install OpenOffice on Ubuntu 19.10.  The last update of OpenOffice has been in September 2019.

Firstly, we need to completely uninstall LibreOffice as OpenOffice and LibreOffice can't be on the same system as they are both using the same libraries.  Then we download the 64bit deb package and extract it.  As seen in the video, you will be left with many small deb packages in a folder called DEBS, and I show, with the commands below how to install all those packages at the same time.  After that, we go to one folder in that directory with all the deb packages and install the deb packages inside of it as well.  Otherwise, OpenOffice won't appear in your app menu.  That is it!  Enjoy!

1) remove LibreOffice:
sudo apt purge libreoffice*

2) download OpenOffice

3) install OpenOffice:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Official Site:

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