How to upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia

Today we are looking at how to upgrade to Linux Mint 19.3.  The instructions are seen below and in the video are based on the official instructions of Linux Mint article, link below.  After this upgrade, if your system is customized, a person might need to update some applets, extensions, etc.  The whole upgrade, including the system updates which I ran in the process, as seen in the video, was about 320MB of data to download.

This process will not upgrade your kernel, so if you like to do it, then you can do it in the update manager, up to kernel 5.3.  Enjoy!

 1) create a system snapshot

2) disable screensaver and power settings

3) update your system

4) upgrade to 19.3

5) install additional packages
sudo apt install celluloid gnote drawing neofetch

6) reboot your system

Instructions are based on this:

Official Site:

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  1. This was my first upgrade since coming over from Windows a month or so ago. I had Mint set up just the way I wanted it and was apprehensive about upgrading. Fretted over it all day before finally pulling the trigger. The whole thing, including reboot, took less than two minutes and everything looks great. Gotta love a team that can roll these things out smoothly without borking every other thing. Glad to be aboard SS Mint.
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