First look at the new Dark and Light Yaru Theme in Ubuntu 20.04 Daily Builds

Today we are looking at one of the most talks about features currently of what we know so far of Ubuntu 20.04 and that is the new Dark and Light addition of Ubuntu's Yaru theme.  As far as I know, that in the stable edition, when it will be released, there will be in the system settings an option to switch between the themes.  As of writing this article, it was not possible.  It is not perfect yet, as the Gnome Shell doesn't have different themes yet, I tried, but I will be looking closely at its development.

The Beta release will be on the 2nd of April and the stable release on the 23rd of April.   Gnome Shell 3.36 is planned to be released on the 11 of March, so I am planning to make a follow-up video round about that time when we will know more.  Enjoy!

Command Used:
sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

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