How to use the Ubuntu Logo and the Menu Icon in Ubuntu 19.10

Today we are looking at how to change the menu, icon in Ubuntu 19.10 to the Ubuntu logo.  We made a similar video for Ubuntu 19.04.  The method change since then, as we used a Ubuntu icon which was already on your system in 19.04, but it has been removed in Ubuntu 19.10.

So, this is what I have done in the video, I downloaded the Ubuntu Logo from 19.04 and I uploaded it to my Mega account.  So, in the first step, a person clicks on the link, in step one and download the icon.  

Then in step two, a person opens a terminal in the folder where the icon is which you have just downloaded, as seen in the video, and copy/paste the command in step 2 this will change the current menu logo with the Ubuntu logo.  Lastly, we reboot our computer and you should have the Ubuntu logo as your menu launcher.  Enjoy!

1) Download Ubuntu Logo!gWolBCBT!e1DzxOsJ2ks28xi3RoI77qwlQilxj62XvY3dy884frE

2) sudo mv ubuntu-logo-icon.svg /usr/share/icons/Yaru/scalable/actions/view-app-grid-symbolic.svg

3) Reboot your computer

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