How to install Kdenlive on a Chromebook

Update:  Since making this video, Chrome OS 80 has been released and only steps 3 and 4 are required now.  So just use those steps, or look here for our new tutorial.

Today we are looking at how to install Kdenlive on a Chromebook.  Kdenlive is my favorite video editor to date and I have already edited more than 2000 videos in my life with it.

The version which we install in this video, 18.12.3, is not the newest version, as it currently does not work well on a Chromebook, but this version works perfectly and it is also the version of Kdenlive which I am currently using as it is very stable and just works.

I hope you find the video helpful as a visual and audio guide where I also explain each step.  Enjoy!

Please let us know if you need any assistance!

1) sudo apt install nano
2) sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
put  a # in front of deb stretch main
Add deb buster main
3) sudo apt update
4) sudo apt install kdenlive
5) sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Restore to default

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  1. Hiya.

    I've just downloaded kdenlive onto my chrome book and cannot upload any video clips to the programme. I've tried dragging and dropping and just trying to open them but they don't appear in the folder. All of the folders that it suggests I open are showing up empty, even though they have photo and video files in them. If you had any advice I'd be very grateful.



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