Ubuntu 20.04 Daily Builds with Gnome 3.36 Beta

Today we are looking at Ubuntu 20.04, which is still in its pre-Beta development, but it is forming nicely and it looks really good!  It comes with a refreshed theme, Gnome 3.36 Beta, Linux Kernel 5.4 and uses about 1.3GB of ram when idling.

Some of the major changes which stood out for me is the refreshed login screen and lock screen, the easy dark/light switch in the system settings (however it does not have any influence on the shell yet, I wonder if it will change) and the snap store (which looks very similar to the normal app store (currently)) has also landed.

It really looks like a great release in the making, and this LTS release of Ubuntu will come out at the end of April and the Beta at the beginning of April.  Enjoy!

Download Ubuntu 20.04 Daily Builds:

Official Site:

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