Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Beta

Today we are looking at Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 Beta.  We created a few videos about this distro release because there are so many new things in this release, and they are so good!  So have a look at the release notes below!

We have three videos, one is a regular run through, one in which we look at some of the new features, and one, with Amazon Polly voice-overs, in which we look at what's new and some quick facts.  Links below.  

It comes with Budgie Desktop 10.5.1, Linux Kernel 5.4 and it will be supported until April 2025.  The stable release is due for 23 April.  Enjoy!

Download Link:

Release Notes:

Official Site:

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For a distro Run Through with Background Music:

For a look at some of the New Features with Background Music:

For what's New and Quick Facts with Voice-Overs:

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