How to play Among Us on a Chromebook with GeForce Now - Steam Version

Today we are looking at how to play Among Us on a Chromebook.  We will be using Nvidia's Geforce Now, to play as it works very well and on most Chromebooks,.

So, as seen in the video, a person first creates a free or paid GeForce Now account (if you do not have one already).  Then we go to the Steam website and create a free account (if you do not have one already) and add Among Us which is a paid game to your library and lastly, we go to the GeForce Now dashboard and launch and play Among Us!

If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

If you already bought Among Us on you would have gotten a Steam key for the game as well.  If you want to install Among Us on your Chromebook locally, look here.  It is also available for free, without keyboard support, on the Google Play Store.

Create a Geforce Now Account:

Steam Website and Signup Page:

GeForce's Now Website (after creating an account):

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