How to install and remove deb packages in Ubuntu 16.04

Today we are going to look at how to install and remove deb packages in Ubuntu.  There are 2 main ways to do, with a graphical interface and inside a terminal.  In this blog, we will look at how to install it in the terminal, look here for a guide on how to install it with a graphical interface.

As you can see in the video, it is not to difficult a person opens a terminal inside the folder where your deb package is and use the commands found below, remember to change package_name with the complete name of the deb package.  The next command will install any dependencies if there are any.  Enjoy!

To remove a deb package a person opens up a terminal, you can press ctrl alt t" together or via your menu, anyway you prefer, and then type in sudo apt-get remove package_name, if you have any doubt about the name of the package, just start to write the name and press the button "tab" and it will show you the possible options of package which starts with the name you have started to type.  Enjoy!

Commands Used:
sudo dpkg -i package_name
sudo apt -f install

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