Linux Weekly Roundup #13

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.

Today you will find links to the distro releases which I mentioned last week but did not make videos and blogs about.  We will also look at the distros which had released in this week and KDE Plasma 5.15 is out!

In this week ArcoLinux 19.02 and Debian 9.8 has been released, you can also look at for other releases and MakuluLinux Lindoz 15 got new ISO images out which comes with some bug fixes and of course Ubuntu 18.04.2 is out as well, I did not make any videos or blogs out of it, become it is still Ubuntu 18.04 just which some updates, like Linux Kernel 4.18, but the cores are still the same.  We also received KDE Plasma 5.15 in this past week, which is exciting as it just becomes better and better!  Enjoy!

Well thank you for reading this letter and I will see you next week!
Johan Seyfferdt

OpenMandriva 4.0 LX Beta -
MX Linux 18.1 -
Netrunner 19.01 Core -
ArcoLinux 19.02 -
Debian 9.8 -

Desktop Environments:
KDE Plasma 5,15 -