How to install WPS Office 2016 on Kubuntu 18.04

Today we are looking at how to install WPS Office 2016 on Kubuntu 18.04.  When I made this video, it was a bit more complicated to install it then it is now.  Nowadays it is a rather straightforward, a person download WPS Office, save the package and install it with Discover Software Center.  

Installing WPS Office on Kubuntu or any other KDE distro has another edition which needs to be added as WPS Office is using GTK and KDE uses Qt so, as seen in the video, we need to add to the menu entries a bit of additional code and then everything will work fluently. 

If your preferred language isn't English or Chinese look here how to switch the interface language to another language.

Code to add to the end of Windows Icons:
-style gtk

Download Link:

If you run into additional errors you could remove the current code and replace it with this:
WPS_NO_KDE_NATIVE_DIALOG=1 wps -style gtk+ (for Writer) WPS_NO_KDE_NATIVE_DIALOG=1 et -style gtk+ (for Spreadsheets) WPS_NO_KDE_NATIVE_DIALOG=1 wpp -style gtk+ (for Presentation)
Then you hit "Save", of course. 

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